Team Building Workshop

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1. Leadership Project
The head art instructor will start off the event with a short lesson on painting techniques and idea creation. Each individual will then have their own working space with a blank canvas and painting material. Everyone is given a time frame to begin painting their vision on their canvas. When the time is up …… Call us to hear more 773-680-6270
2. Create, Communicate, and Conquer!
The Triple C’s is a fun and challenging activity that gives your employees a chance to brainstorm new ideas for the company through creativity, communication, and teamwork. The group will first break into equal teams where they will work together to create a new product, service, or idea for the company. With the given art supplies, each team will build a model of this new concept and create the
Advertisement piece. The goal is for each team to create and sell its concept to the panel of judges (The CADC team and/or managers from your company). The judges then rate each team on creativity, quality of production, and sales presentation. Once the presentations are
Complete, the judges will award the team with the highest score. The activity will follow with a celebratory cocktail to continue employee engagement and excitement!
1.Create a new product/service for company
2.Design a new company logo
3.Form ideas on how to grow the company
4.Design a new building for your company’s headquarters
5.Develop your company’s future aspirations
6.Practice thinking “out of the box”
3. Create a Mural
We’ll help you create a mural of your company logo or other themes. Once a design is selected, guests are divided into groups and work together on the assigned panels. The completed panels are than placed together to create the big picture. All is revealed when the great unveiling ceremony takes place.
Mosaic Murals – Your Company can work together or break into groups to create a beautiful mosaic piece of your choice. Some design options include a stunning Chicago city view , your company logo Our artist will lay out the picture ahead of time on a board where everyone will than place the matching tile pieces over the drawing. Work together to create a piece of art that can be displayed in your very own office for all to view
Painting Murals – A popular option for the painting mural is creating an image that reflects your company’s identity or aspirations. Guests divide in to groups and work together to paint on large canvas (30” X 40”) with pre-drawn line art. All the canvas come together to create a complete design of your choosing.
4. Paint a Piece
Follow an Artist -All guests follow along on their own 16 X 20 canvas as one artist replicates an original piece selected in advance from the CADC’s library. Additional art instructor, circulate to provide assistance. Guests take home their painting.
* Please contact us via e-mail to or call us at 773.680.6270.
*A 30% non refundable Art Party deposit is required in advance for all Corporate Parties and Events to secure the date.
* For distances of 20–50 miles, a $50 Event Fee is required.
Our Invoice is considered a contract. Once you acknowledge receipt and we receive your down payment for the event the balance and total cost of the event cannot be changed. The only way to decrease the balance is if we receive and agree upon a change in numbers of participants 30 days prior to your event. If your numbers increase the average cost per person will be added to the remaining balance and due prior to start of the event along with the remaining balance.

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