What People Are Saying About Us

What People Are Saying About Us
Hillary L Hohman / PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC.com)/ June, 2012 We partnered with Chicago Art & Design Center for a painting activity for our Market Leadership Adventure Program. The candidates were surprised by the activity and excited to work on an artistic project in a Big 4 Professional Services Firm setting. Derin was organized, timely, prepared, and fun to work with. I would recommend Derin to any Corporation who is seeking a fun, outside-of-the-box activity with their employees.

Emily Jamieson/Pink Pearl Inc Our group had Chicago Art and Design Center host our end of the year company party. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the year with our staff. The event was customized exactly to our company’s needs. The type of art activity we chose was really relaxing which helped us wined down before we left for the Holiday break. After we finished the art class, we followed the event with wine and food and engaged in great conversation over the paintings we all created. Some of us have our work hanging in the office so we will not forget this fun and unique time out with the group.
Stacy Fairbrother | Crowe Horwath / This year I was in charge of planning an event for over 50 of my coworkers. I was pretty nervous about planning an event for a large group of very diverse people, but Derin and her team were extremely helpful and a complete joy to work with. From the beginning they were great at communicating ideas for the flow of the evening,suggesting paintings that would be of interest to everyone and didn’t hesitateto travel a great distance to the location. At the event they brought every imaginable supply, contributed to the relaxing atmosphere by mingling with all of the participants and offering great advice throughout the evening. Everyone had a great time thanks to the help of the Chicago Art and Design team.

Beth – ” When I came to CA&DC, I didn’t know what to expect. I just wanted to paint. And maybe, hopefully, get something out of it I wasn’t appalled with. (Quite a contrast from a fellow student who wanted to come away with paintings to hang around his apartment. Ambitious, indeed!)To date, I have taken two 5-week sessions and am just now finishing my second painting. Most students would have been on their 3rd or 4th painting, but not me. Derin, the instructor and owner, never pushed me though. She encouraged me to not dwell too, too much on the details, but she gets that people have to work at their own pace. Even a snail-like one. So to that point – her teaching style. I found Derin’s approach to be, in a word, ideal. She will show you what to do, the difference in brush strokes, application, technique, using different brushes or a palette knife, etc. But she also lets you learn on your own. This is key as it helped me find my style, make mistakes, surprise myself, learn patience, appreciate good brushes, etc. (I can’t stress enough what a difference GOOD brushes make.) But I will say – if you can’t take criticism, maybe rethink taking painting altogether no matter where you go. Derin is tactfully honest, as she should be. If she doesn’t like what you’re doing, she’ll tell you as much. 99.99% of the time, she is so, so right. And you will appreciate it. Swear.

As for the other details: Be prepared to buy your own materials after the first class. And pay for parking if you drive. And don’t wear your Sunday best – you’re going to get paint on you eventually. (Sorry designer jeans. We had a good run.)
I guess if anything is going to prove this endorsement, I will tell you that I plan to take another class. The intimate space, the art of Derin herself and other students on the walls and in the windows, the inspiring music and the small classes help foster a creative spirit. (And if you want, you’re welcome to BYOB and share with the rest of the class. Cool, eh?)
So is this class right for you? Let’s just say, it is what you make of it. For me, it’s all about stepping away from the daily grind and exploring a side of myself I never knew. And I like what I’m discovering. Yay

Susan- May 25, “Personally I thought Derin gave just the right amount of instruction and tips for the beginner oil class. I have done other painting classes before who gave no tips which means I was just paying for a place to paint. I appreciate Derin showing us how to look at things in porportion, tips on shading and how to make texture. I learned a lot despite not being that artistic. I really enjoyed the evening of painting and getting to know new people. I am looking forward to painting this summer on my deck. I do wish we could bring wine into the classroom, and I wish they offered acrylic classes

Nichole- May 11, ” I just finished my first (and definitely not last) art class with Derin. After giving up art for about a decade I had been itching to pick up a paintbrush and get my feet wet in the field again. I chose Oil for Beginners even though my background had been in acrylic and watercolors. My nerves would get the best of me for at least the first half hour of each class but Derin’s patience and professionalism helped me ease back into a rhythm. Also, Derin is willing to place you as needed for makeup class when your personal schedule conflicts. I can’t say anything bad about my experience except that the class ended!

Sarah – Dec 8, ” I’m wrapping up my 3rd session of Oil Painting at Chicago Art and Design Center and I really love it! Derin is a great instructor, always encouraging students to express themselves and experiment with colors and textures. I had previous painting experience so she worked with me to figure out more challenging projects. The studio is really cozy and classes tend to be on the smaller side which leaves a lot of time for 1-on-1 instruction.
Its a really great opportunity to set some time aside and allow yourself to be creative!

Catherina – Nov 29, 2010 “My daughter Melanie (6) and Sue (8) have taken art classes here and absolutely love this place… The teachers are sweet, fun, and creative with her art project ideas. Kids are having fun and creating a wonderful art pieces. End of the sessions they have Kids Art Expo which make kids very proud and excited. I recommend checking their schedule for upcoming classes.

Robin – Dec 22, 2010” We celebrate my daughter’s 5th birthday parties here. It was great; the kids created two art projects and played a few games centered on her theme (mermaids). My daughter loved it and the owners who run it was great.

Dawn – Dec 22, 2010 “My son has taken Kids Art classes and has attended some Art parties at Chicago Art and Design Center. He always wants to go back for another session!. One of the great things about this place for kids is that they have 5 week sessions so that you can let your little ones try something out before you put them in a long session. Since the Star Bucks is right there cross the street you can sit and wait for the kids while having fun.

Sarah K. – Nov 28, 2010 “ It’s nice to come to class where you know the teacher really knows what she’s doing and really enjoys working with kids.” Mom of 5-year-old
Lisa – March 27, 2011 “I love this place, the teacher (Derin) is great, she is very generous and friendly, she has an always big happy smile which motivate you more

Tom – Nov 29, 2010My wife and I completed our second MOSAIC session with them. It was a very a creative class over all. We had so much fun. Our teacher David is the coolest guy ever. He is very informative and helpful. We learned to use many different tools and different techniques. The class started with the basic mosaic techniques.Following projects are designed to teach how to combine different style, materials, and techniques. Our second project which we chose was very complicated, but David was very encouraging and supportive all the time. He provided unique and practical solutions to our challenges. My wife and I worked on one project together and we found that as a couple it was quite therapeutic and relaxing. We signed up for the next class and received a discount as a continued student. It starts on next Tuesday and we are very excited for our next projects. The studio itself has a very warm environment, very spacious, peaceful and cozy.

Sue – Nov 28, 2010 “My daughter and I attended a birthday party and it was one of the best parties we’ve been to. They did such a great job and the art pieces were awesome.

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